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About Us

Drillwell Limited is the leading supplier and manufacturer of Drilling Equipment such as Drill Rods, Casing, Core barrels, Drilling Equipment, Drilling Rigs, Bits and Pumps. We supply to both the mining and exploration industries, and provide a range of both standard Drill Adaptors - Drillwell Ltd and non-standard equipment. Our experience and reputation in the field has enabled us to identify our customers immediate and future individual needs both in the UK and the international market.

Our Manufacturing plant is capable of undertaking large scale production of specialist one off equipment, giving the company both flexibility and the quickest turnaround in the UK.

All our equipment is manufactured using only the best quality materials available to recognised B.S., D.C.D.M.A. and metric standards. Our service is unrivalled and, on the manufacturing side, Drillwell Ltd can offer the customer a wide range of products including the following: core barrels, casing, casing heads, hoist plugs, swivels, casing shoes, TC bits (various sizes), rockbits, foams, stillsons, dragbits, wire ropes, drillrods, down-the-hole hammers, and ODS – Odex Systems as used to drill bedrock, as well as any drilling item tailored to your own specific needs and requirements.

Drill Adaptors - Drillwell LtdWe also offer the following repair services:

  • Re-threading of Casings
  • Refurbishment of Drill Rods
  • Refurbishment of Casing Drive Heads
  • Refurbishment of Drill Rigs
  • Re-tipping of Bits
  • Re-tipping of Casing Shoes

Please feel free to email us if you require more information regarding the above services or a service not listed.

In addition to the supply of drilling equipment, Drillwell has the ability to offer a complete design service for specialised drilling supplies, backed by in-house expertise to advise on the selection of equipment and techniques.

Another important facet of company activities is servicing and overhauling all types of drill rigs, pumps and associated equipment – at the factory, or on-site if desired. In this context a substantial renovation of three top drive hydraulic rigs for a major drilling contractor has recently been completed.

Drillwell’s constant increase and improvement of design and quality provide high performance equipment at realistic prices. Should you have any enquiries for information or about equipment not listed, please do not hesitate to contact us. We offer quick completion of orders from our extensive stock and individual quotes and delivery for your specific requirements.

Drillwell Limited are agents for Beretta Alfredo, Nordmeyer GEOTOOL and C.M.O. Pompe:

C.M.O. Pompe - Pumps • Tools • Accessories - Drillwell Ltd

Beretta Drilling Rigs - Drillwell Ltd Nordmeyer GEOTOOL - Rigs • Tools • Accessories - Drillwell Ltd